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Parca exista o legatura, nu ? (14.02.2010): ‘Do everything without complaining…’ Philippian 2:14
You say, ‘But isn’t it possible my complaint might be legitimate?’ Yes. Injustice, abuse, betrayal, robbery, gossip, libel, prejudice, physical harm against you or your family, and so on, are legitimate causes. ‘And if I don’t do something about these, won’t I be failing in my responsibility?’ Right again! You are called to be salt and light in this world, resolving problems that arise by practising spiritual principles in your daily life. To do nothing at such times makes you irresponsible and disobedient to God. But complaining about it is not doing something, not by God’s definition. You say, ‘All right, since God is against complaining, how do I handle legitimate complaints?’ First, do nothing until you’ve talked with God. You’ll make the right moves if you take time to get the
right counsel. Prayer clarifies your options and adjusts your perspectives. It defuses your anger, restoring you to objectivity and rational thinking. Your second
move is more likely to succeed if your first move is to seek God for wisdom: ‘…he should ask God…’ (James 1:5 NIV). Second, before you say or do anything, carry out an attitude check. Stop and ask yourself, ‘What’s my real agenda here? Is it to show them that I’m right and they’re wrong? Is it to come away looking good while I make them look bad? Is it to win a personal victory or to solve the problem in a way that glorifies God?’ Before you speak, check what’s in your heart: ‘…For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart’ (Matthew 12:34 NAS). When your heart attitude pleases God, you’re ready to handle any legitimate complaint.
(De citit azi: Bible in a Year: Eph 5:21-33; S of S 2:1-7; Ps 45; Prov 5:15-19; )

For Absent Friends …by auntietk

Pentru Tine

For Absent Friends auntietk


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